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Entries From Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Added: 02/17/2009

When George and Neal were told they could do costume designing for Sean Connery, they jumped at the opportunity. Not because they liked Sean Connery - but rather they were intent on taking their revenge after Sean stole their "Rock Smoothies" idea (luckily, all that did was bust up his teeth and make the Yugoslavian sound like a Scottish man). Anyway, in an effort to exact revenge, George and Neal designed Sean's costume for his 1974 epic, Zardoz. The costume looked like this: Job well done, boys!


Zardoz - Sweet Revenge.

Sweet Revenge.

Photo by: Neal

Tags: 1974(6) celebrities(69) revenge(6) scantily clad people(15) smoothies(7) success!(13)
Names Mentioned: scotland(3) sean connery(1) yugoslavia(1) zardoz(8)
Entry Logged By: Neal - Photos by: Neal (1)

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Added: 02/17/2009

After beginning to run out of material to add to the "Facebook Edit-Off" competition in year 6 of said competition, George and Neal decided to invent a teleportation device that is able to deconstruct matter and send it to another location within this universe. Their first attempt at using the teleportation device for a living animal was successful. The second test, sending two animals through, was disastrous. The duck and beaver oddly combined to form the platypus. Luckily George and Neal were able to use their time machine and send the creature back millions of years where it could multiply and confound scientists for years. After two other unsuccessful tests, George and Neal finally perfected their teleportation device for multiple living creatures and now use it to travel to exotic locations so they have more information to add to the "Facebook Edit-Off" competition.

Tags: 2015(9) animals(17) competition(10) ducks(3) facebook(10) mashups(12) platypus(4) science(28) teleportation(10)
Names Mentioned: facebook(9)
Entry Logged By: George

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Bucket Run

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Added: 02/17/2009

George was not the inventor of the famed "bucket run" at U of I, despite the widely held belief (the original bucket run was not actually invented, but rather discovered by none other than the infamous radio personality Mike Pries). However, unknown to many, George and Neal invented the "bathtub run" in 1997, wherein they would literally carry a bathtub to the nearby convenience store, to fill up with Surge and/or Mountain Dew, all for the low low price of 79 cents. This actually started the economic decline that became most apparent in 2008 and 2009.


Bucket Run - Good times. Good times.

Good times. Good times.

Photo by: Neal

Tags: 1997(6) 2008(6) 2009(21) economy(8) friends mentioned(4) inventions(49) jaguanst(8) u of i(3)
Names Mentioned: mike pries(1) mountain dew(2) university of illinois(5)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: Neal (1)

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Back Surgey

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Added: 02/17/2009

In 1997 both Neal and George had major back surgery after carrying one too many bathtubs full of caffeinated, carbonated, goodness. For any normal human beings this would have been a major setback, but Neal and George used the opportunity to have their spines replaced with naquadah powered fusion reactors. Their new spines allow them to perform unimaginable feats of strength, travel at incredible rates of speed, and communicate with ungulates. But don't ask them to, they're not proud of the side effects.

Tags: 1997(6) amazing abilities(16) body parts(14) energy(6) tv shows(49)
Names Mentioned: stargate(2)
Entry Logged By: George

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