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The Twelve Step Approach

Views: 337/12334
Added: 03/19/2009

In 2010 George insisted Neal seek therapy to break his addiction to board games. Neal entered the program but came out six weeks later with a great idea for a game called "The Twelve Step Approach". The game has been a big hit in Hollywood and has attracted some of the biggest stars in entertainment, including Nick Nolte, David Hasselhoff, Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan, and Elmo. Neal hopes to capitalize on the game's success with a sequel called "Back on the Wagon" while George is working on a prequel called "I Can't Remember What I Did Last Summer". A live television version of the game is scheduled to be on NBC in the fall of 2010. The working title for the game show version is "Neal or No Neal".


The Twelve Step Approach - It's anticipated that the show will be a runaway success, just like the board game. In other words, if you run away you might succeed.

It's anticipated that the show will be a runaway success, just like the board game. In other words, if you run away you might succeed.

Photo by: George

Tags: 2010(16) celebrities(69) games(15) inventions(49) rehab(3) tv shows(49)
Names Mentioned: amy winehouse(1) david hasselhoff(2) deal or no deal(1) elmo(3) hollywood(3) i know what you did last summer(1) lindsey lohan(2) nbc(3) nick nolte(1)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: George (1)

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Saved By The 1-Up

Views: 304/5824
Added: 06/01/2009

In 1991 Neal was found dead after a long session of Bad Dudes, however he luckily received a 1-Up just before perishing and was able to be revived by George. Neal realized at this point that he had a dangerous addiction to video games and entered a rehab clinic. Five years later Neal was released, completely cured of his addiction to 2D video games. However by that time 3D games were popular and Neal slipped right back into the habit. Shortly thereafter an extended Quake session left Neal twitchy and pale (not much different from his normal state, actually). He claims to have completed a full Speedrun in only 8 minutes 34 seconds, but since he failed to record it, and Neal is prone to making up greatly exaggerated and fantastic stories about his accomplishments, few believed him at the time. In 2005 George decided to confirm Neal's story once and for all and traveled back to 1996 to witness Neal's amazing accomplishment. George was impressed and decided that Neal's video game addiction was impressive enough to let continue. No more rehab for Neal! At least not for video games...

Tags: 1991(3) 1996(2) 2001(8) 2005(2) amazing abilities(16) rehab(3) video games(12)
Names Mentioned: bad dudes(1) quake(1)
Entry Logged By: George

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Pluto's back, and it's pissed...

Views: 398/3351
Added: 08/25/2012

Starting in 2115 George and Neal started sending weekly weight gain supplements and steroids to the Dwarf Planet Pluto. By 2194 Pluto had gained enough mass to achieve orbital dominance, thus re-establishing it in its rightful place as the 9th Planet of the solar system. Unfortunately Pluto's not quite so polite method of clearing its orbit, and the eventual battery of its moon Charon resulted in the rest of the Solar System's objects holding an intervention and ultimately sending Pluto to a rehab facility. In 2238 Pluto returned to the Solar System clean and friendly, though substantially less massive. Pluto was able to remain docile and still retain enough mass to keep its status as a full fledged planet through a healthy regimen of diet and exercise.


Pluto's back, and it's pissed... - It was hard to see since the sun was so far away, but we're pretty sure Pluto had a red neck.

It was hard to see since the sun was so far away, but we're pretty sure Pluto had a red neck.

Photo by: George

Tags: 2115(2) 2194(1) 2238(1) astronomy(8) kicking ass(16) rehab(3)
Names Mentioned: charon(1) pluto(1) solar system(1)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: George (1)

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