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Sciuridaetopia Invades

Entry Logged on: June 06, 2009 to Part 2 by: George - Photos by: George (1)
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In 2014 the United States was overrun by a large number of giant squirrels. Apparently our neighbor, Sciuridaetopia had been conducting top secret genetic experiments when something went terribly wrong and the test subjects escaped, rampaging across Sciuridaetopia's main science campus in the capital city of Skiouros before fleeing into neighboring US territory. George and Neal lead a team of S.N.I.C.K.E.R.S. as well as members of various elite US military outfits to hunt down all of the gigantic squirrels. Thanks to George and Neal's heroic efforts all twelve escaped subjects were killed or captured. Sciuridaetopia has agreed to suspend their Ratufa Maximus program and is now focusing their scientific talents toward figuring out social issues they face, like how to get into a bird feeder atop a flag pole.


Sciuridaetopia Invades - Our battles against Godzilla were great practice. Taking out squirrels was a piece of cake.

Our battles against Godzilla were great practice. Taking out squirrels was a piece of cake.

Photo by: George

Tags: 2014(7) genetics(16) kicking ass(16) science(28) sciuridaetopia(3) squirrels(3)
Names Mentioned: america(8) godzilla(3)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: George (1)

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