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Entries From Saturday, March 07, 2009

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Fear Factor Delicacies

Views: 326/6863
Added: 03/07/2009

In 1998, George convinced Neal to go on Fear Factor, where Neal went on to eat 50 scorpions, 12 worms, and over a hundred bull testicles. Neal later learned in fact that George had merely played a practical joke and he was never on Fear Factor. Neal would have swore revenge, except that he realized he really liked eating bull testicles so he wasn't all that angry.


Fear Factor Delicacies - Why Neal took a liking to these we will never know, but he just couldn't stop downing them like there was no tomorrow.

Why Neal took a liking to these we will never know, but he just couldn't stop downing them like there was no tomorrow.

Photo by: George

Tags: 1998(9) food(45) revenge(6) tv shows(48)
Names Mentioned: fear factor(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal - Photos by: George (1)

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Napoleon's iPod: The Origin

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Added: 03/07/2009

In 2001 Apple Computer Corporation released the iPod. Sources say that the design was based on an archaeological find from a dig in Russia near the location of the Battle of Borodino. Rumors were that it was a relic of an alien civilization that was manipulating Napoleon through an implant near his ear. They were confused by the label attached to it's battery compartment that said "Property of George, Neal keep your hands off!". Apple's first iPod was a nearly identical copy of the relic.

Tags: 2001(8) aliens(5) ancient wonders(9) inventions(48) ipod(2) napoleon(2) origin(24) people of history(33)
Names Mentioned: apple computer corporation(3) ipod(2) napoleon(2) russia(1)
Entry Logged By: George

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