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Entries From Sunday, October 04, 2009

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On Online Dating

Views: 344/12137
Added: 10/04/2009

After the success of online dating websites such as "Eharmony" and "J-Date" (a social/dating website for Jewish people), George and Neal created their own dating websites, including:

- "Hey-Hey-Hey" Date, the world's largest singles network for those people who like the character Dwayne Clemens Nelson from the now-defunct television sitcom, "What's Happening!!";
- L-Harmony - the singles network for Lepers; and
-, the dating website devoted entirely to newly-turned zombies.

Although each was quite successful for a period of time, only withstood the tests of time. Although Neal and George are not zombies, they occasionally log on time with the site. You can find Neal and George under their respective pseudonyms, "Grauh?" and "Dr. Teeth".


On Online Dating - Meat someone with similar tastes as you, or your neighbor, or the neighbor's dog...

Meat someone with similar tastes as you, or your neighbor, or the neighbor's dog...

Photo by: George

Tags: diseases(9) jewish(6) nicknames(14) relationships(6) tv shows(49) websites(7) zombies(21)
Names Mentioned: dwayne clemens nelson(1) eharmony(1) j-date(1) what's happening(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal - Photos by: George (1)

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Views: 378/11411
Added: 10/04/2009

In 2009 George, along with Neal's wife Clarissa, developed the Genetic Origins Nurturing And Development System or GONADS. This revolutionary device takes prenatal learning programs (like Lullabelly, Bellysonic and FirstSounds) one step further and incorporates the latest developments in Gene Expression and Epigenetics research. The device uses a combination of audio and magnetic signals to actually educate gametes (sperm and egg cells). Using techniques discovered through epigenetics research we can ensure that information learned by sperm and egg cells is actually passed on to successive generations. Purchase one today and your children and grandchildren will be smarter! Purchase one for your children and your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be even smarter. Give your descendants the head start they need to compete in the highly competitive future (take it from us, we've been there). Your descendants can get into the best schools, land the best jobs, and get the highest scores in Donkey Kong. If you don't buy our GONADS you don't love your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, great-great-great-grandchildren, great-great-great... You get the picture. Neal, along with George's wife Julie, helped promote the GONADS with an international lecture tour in late 2010, demonstrating the effects of using the device (the time machine was used to secretly fit the GONADS to Julie's great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents) versus a non-educated genetic history (Neal's ancestors were not fitted with the device). Millions were convinced that the device works as advertised.

Tags: 2009(21) 2010(16) business ventures(46) clarissa(6) genetics(16) inventions(49) julie(5) offspring(13) relationships(6) wives(15)
Names Mentioned: bellysonic(1) donkey kong(1) firstsounds(1) lullabelly(1)
Entry Logged By: George

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Nobel Peace Prize

Views: 258/2489
Added: 10/04/2009

In 1980, when George and Neal were both 2 years old, they were given the Nobel Peace Prize as a result of older George and Neal traveling back in time and telling the Nobel Peace Prize officials about all of the great things they would do in a few decades. Giving out "prospective" Nobel Peace Prizes was unheard of at the time, but obviously, things change over time.

Tags: 1980(4) awards and recognition(12)
Names Mentioned: nobel peace prize(2)
Entry Logged By: George

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