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Entries From Friday, March 20, 2009

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Worst... Enya... Ever...

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Added: 03/20/2009

George was the fifth Beatle. However, due to a problem with the time machine, he had to forsake this role, give up fame and fortune and return to his present time. George tells everyone he meets this fact. In 2000, Neal was the sixth Backstreet Boy. Neal tells no one this fact. However, Neal is quite proud of the short time that he posed as Enya while in witness protection. Despite poor reviews ("Worst... Enya... Ever..."), his concerts were quite popular; though this might have something to do with "Enya's" new mandate requiring copious amounts of backup-singer nudity.

Tags: 2000(7) beatles(3) celebrities(69) music(26) neal's fashion sense(21) scantily clad people(15)
Names Mentioned: backstreet boys(1) beatles(4) enya(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal

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Added: 03/20/2009

In 1856 George and Neal invented over six different types of keyboards, the now ubiquitous QWERTY keyboard, the still sometimes used Dvorak keyboard, the infrequently used DHIATENSOR keyboard, and less common QWERTZ, AZERTY, QZERTY, Colemak, Turkish-F, FITALY, ATOMIK, Maltron, PLUM, Asset, and Arensito keyboard layouts. Most recently, George and Neal created the QZIZZLE-PIZZLE keyboard, which is gaining popularity among hip-hop fans.

Tags: 1856(1) inventions(49)
Entry Logged By: George & Neal Collaboration

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Mmmmmmm... George Juice!

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Added: 03/20/2009

For unexplained reasons, George loves to bathe in Worcestershire sauce (which defines as a "savory sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and spices"). In 2004, George bottled and sold the bathsauce under the moniker "George Juice". Its sales are considerable, and some believe it has medicinal uses. This is not to be confused with "Neal Juice", which you don't want to know the ingredients of.


Mmmmmmm...  George Juice! - George Juice - It's tragically delicious.At least in theory. We've never actually tried it, but it sells like hotcakes!

George Juice - It's tragically delicious.

At least in theory. We've never actually tried it, but it sells like hotcakes!

Photo by: George

Tags: 2004(3) business ventures(46) Food(45) george funk(11) recipes(10)
Entry Logged By: Neal - Photos by: George (1)

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