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Entries From Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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Marshmonica as Endorsed by John Popper

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Added: 06/03/2009

Dateline, 2058: In an effort to feed as well as entertain the homeless, George and Neal invented the first edible harmonica. Much to George's dismay, the harmonica, comprised of marshmallows, candy canes, and prunes (monikered "Marshmonica") was criticized as the world's worst food - both in taste and in nutrition, but got rave reviews by harmonica virtuoso John Popper who purchased them in bulk. George's later edible instruments, including the hamburchordian, cheeseborine, Jaguanstophone, and pizziano were even less successful. Although the Tubagna, a combo tuba/lasagna creation, was in the works, and showed great promise, George and Neal abandoned the project altogether, when the homeless actually banded together and offered to pay them to stop.

Tags: 2058(2) celebrities(69) failures(22) food(45) jaguanst(8) mashups(12) music(26)
Names Mentioned: dateline(2) john popper(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal

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Made in USA

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Added: 06/03/2009

In 1954 George and Neal patented a "Made in China" sticker that could be added to products that were made in China. Today production of our stickers has skyrocketed and we have expanded our product line to include "Made in Taiwan", "Made in Korea", "Made in Mexico", "Made in Honduras", and many other "Made in ..." stickers. We also produce stamps, tags, and labels. We are very proud of our business since all of our stickers and other items are 100% American Made and our factories employ 750,000 Americans and only 150,000 illegal immigrants. And our business is one of the few that keeps growing as more and more American manufacturing jobs are shipped overseas. We are happy to be doing our part to keep American jobs at home.


Made in USA - A proud product of America!

A proud product of America!

Photo by: George

Tags: 1954(2) business ventures(46) success!(13)
Names Mentioned: america(8) china(3) honduras(1) korea(1) mexico(2) taiwan(1)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: George (1)

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