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Added: 08/09/2010

In 1975 a hiccup in the Teleportation Device George and Neal use to travel instantaneously across huge distances caused them to swap realities with alternate versions of themselves that came from a parallel universe where everyone has what we would call in this reality, "SUPER POWERS" (yes, in all caps). Shortly after arriving in this reality the SUPER George and Neal realized that they were the only ones in this reality with their special powers. They quickly turned to a life of heroic deeds, saving humanity from many disasters, criminals, and accidents. Meanwhile, in the alternate SUPER reality, normal George and Neal were soon discovered to lack the ability to fly, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, or catch a speeding bullet in their teeth (although that last one was luckily never tested since in the SUPER reality bullets are useless and thus guns were never invented). Initially George and Neal were ridiculed and abused, then later pitied and became the beneficiaries of several humanitarian charities. Scientists researched them, tested them, and probed them mercilessly. Until late in 1977, when George had finally had enough. He left the confines of the research facility and searched for a useful role in society. He was amazed to find out that despite all their SUPER abilities, the residents of the SUPER reality lacked some very basic skills. So George forged a new identity, saving the SUPER citizens from environmental and financial disaster. George became "Bicycle Repair Man!", fixing the basic mode of transportation for all the SUPER beings. (You see, since they were SUPER strong and SUPER fast the inhabitants of the SUPER reality never had the need to invent automobiles. They could pedal anywhere as fast as they wanted. However their lack of bicycle repair skills meant they never fixed their bicycles when they broke. Instead they would toss them in the nearest landfill and purchase another new bike, resulting in thousands and thousands of square miles of nothing but bicycle junkyards - providing plenty of usable parts for George, the Bicycle Repair Man!) Neal, on the other hand, kind of enjoyed the scientific probes and remained in the research facility until 1984 when an unusually active burst of sunspots caused the rift in the reality matrix to fix itself and sent SUPER George and Neal back to their own reality and returned normal George and Neal to this reality.


SUPER POWERS - SUPER George working his day job as a pizza delivery man. He saved thousands from hunger by delivering pizza to the bad neighborhoods that other pizza delivery guys were afraid to traverse. Just one of SUPER George's many heroic deeds during his tenure in this reality.

SUPER George working his day job as a pizza delivery man. He saved thousands from hunger by delivering pizza to the bad neighborhoods that other pizza delivery guys were afraid to traverse. Just one of SUPER George's many heroic deeds during his tenure in this reality.

Photo by: George

Tags: 1975(2) 1977(2) 1984(10) business ventures(46) science(28) super heroes(3) teleportation(10) you're welcome(2)
Names Mentioned: monty python's flying circus(1)
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Those Look Like Comfortable Shoes

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Added: 12/08/2013

In 1937, scientist Daniel Bovet created the first antihistamine to combat allergies. Flash forward forty years later, to 1977 - another allergy-related breakthrough: George and Neal create the Ah-Ah-Shoe!, the first antihistamine-laced shoe which they claim minimizes the number of sneezes a person has each week. Since no sane person counts the number of sneezes they have during a particular week, the world just took their word for it, and purchased it in droves.

Note: this is George and Neal's first successful shoe line, after their previous attempts to create a "no-odor" shoe ended in failure. Nothing could combat George's stinky feet. Nothing.

Additional Note: Four separate countries offered to pay the boys buckets of money if they could use the odor in combat, but since George and Neal are against biological warfare, they declined.

Even Additional-lier Note: One nameless cheese company attempted to create a cheese based upon the foot's musky odor, but it was disgusting. (Kind of surprising, really, given how tasty George Juice is.)

Additional-liest Note: The Cheese is currently being sold as "American Cheese." Kinda makes sense, right?

Tags: 1937(2) 1977(2) ah-ah-shoe!(1) american cheese(1) antihistamine shoe(1) biological warfare(2) count your sneezes(1) daniel bovet(1) foot odor(3) stinky feet(3) those look like comfortable shoes(3)
Names Mentioned: daniel bovet(1) kraft(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal

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