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Ralph Malph

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Added: 04/02/2009

In 1920, George unfortunately lost millions investing in a ponzi scheme, in which his investments were used to pay earlier investors. In 1979, Neal lost millions investing in a Fonzi scheme, in which his investments were used to pay Ralph Malph. George was able to make his money back though by traveling to 1979, posing as Ralph Malph, taking Neal's money back to 1918, investing in the same ponzi scheme that he would later lose his money, and thus becoming one of those early investors that made a fortune. Neal, however, is still looking for Ralph Malph but will never find him.


Ralph Malph - I'll find you, Malph. Wherever you are.

I'll find you, Malph. Wherever you are.

Photo by: Neal

Tags: 1918(1) 1920(1) 1979(2) celebrities(69) crimes & scams(16) revenge(6) tv shows(48)
Names Mentioned: fonzi(2) ralph malph(1)
Entry Logged By: Neal - Photos by: Neal (1)

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