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World's Firster Selfie

Entry Logged on: July 11, 2016 to Part 4 by: George - Photos by: George (3)
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After Neal claimed to be in the first "selfie", George decided to both photobomb that "selfie" and then one-up Neal (because that's what he does). So in 1433 George joined the Early Netherlandish master Jan van Eyck in painting "Portrait of Two Men (Selfie?)". The painting is widely regarded as the first ever western panel self portrait, or "selfie".


World's Firster Selfie - 3 days of sitting there while van Eyck painted and he never once offered George a cool turban.

3 days of sitting there while van Eyck painted and he never once offered George a cool turban.

Photo by: George

Not to be undone (because that's what he does), Neal went all the way back to 1365 BCE where he managed to get Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten's chief sculptor Bak to include him in the first ever self portrait. Of course he had to pose as Bak's wife, and of course, George had to photobomb (sulpturebomb?) Neal's accomplishment (because that's what he does).


 - Neal hasn't had a figure like that since, well, since that time he jumped out of the cake for that Under Siege movie.

Neal hasn't had a figure like that since, well, since that time he jumped out of the cake for that Under Siege movie.

Photo by: George

After going back further and further, appearing in ancient paintings, sculptures, and cave drawings George and Neal decided they were just being silly. They had a time machine, why not share in the accomplishment of being in the first ever selfie. So they travelled back to 72,443,018 BCE and took a selfie together. And of course they were photobombed by a few dinosaurs (because that's what they do).


 - We seriously had no idea those dinosaurs were back there.  Gee, the things you find when you develop your film...

We seriously had no idea those dinosaurs were back there. Gee, the things you find when you develop your film...

Photo by: George

Tags: .1365 BCE(1) .72443018 bce(1) 1433(1) ancient egypt(2) dinosaurs dude!(1) movies(41) selfie(2) time machine(37) time travel(3)
Names Mentioned: Akhenaten(1) bak(1) jan van eyck(1) under siege(3)
Entry Logged By: George - Photos by: George (3)

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